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Mandi Eizenbaum

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About the Author

About the Author

     I have been an educator for approximately twenty years. I studied at the University of Miami, where I received degrees in English literature, Judaic studies, and business law. Later, I received my master’s degree in English education. I have also written curriculum for UNESCO and books for children and teens. When not traveling, I enjoy going to baseball games, dancing, reading, and shopping. I currently live in South Florida where I write and teach high school English. 

27-Renaissance Charter Cooper City 2017.
Events & Media

Events & Media

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"Comentando" WLRN-TV

July 28, 2019

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Hadassah Magazine

May/June 2019

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Broward County Library and B&N Guest Panelist November 5, 2020

Just Call Me Miri

Just Call Me Miri

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"With effortless, beautiful writing, Mandi Eizenbaum takes us on Miri's adventures around the globe...through laughter and tears, Miri's voice will linger long after the final chapter." 

--Karen Newfield, Reading and Eating

"Eizenbaum paints a rich tapestry of romance, friendship, and family...beautifully written with a surprise ending you'll never see coming, Miri's personal journey will resonate with strong women everywhere." 

--Debbie Reed Fischer, author of This is Not the Abby Show

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An epic tale of one man's strength and courage - plus a haunting family secret that spans an ocean and sixty-five years.


Some people might say Max was born under a lucky star, but he knows it's all in the numbers!

Original sketches
by Alex Luna

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Personal Photo Gallery

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